BMW 7 Series White



The best on road driving experience can never be tasted with unique BMW 7 series. The white colors give adds the unique style and attractiveness. Its interior are as fine as gold. Good leather, high quality finishing and chrome outlines with unique speedometer and gear box makes it a must have car. The super automated BMW 7 series comes with power windows, amplifying sound system and DVD players. The car speaks for itself with its tradition and history. To provide you the leisure and comfort the car has soft cushions and seats. It also has a large cabin so you can carry some extra stuff with you while on long trips.


High performance is guaranteed with BMW 7 series. As it have the most powerful engine and top speed of 155 mph. The 3.0-litre straight six turbo-diesel engine ensures you of best performance. The car is eco-friendly and produces very less amount of CO2.